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What LeIco can do. What it is for?

LeIco lets you install a lot of Linux clients in a short time.
Perhaps you need some (a few) Linux skills to install it, but
you can use it very simple.

If you are searching for a fast installation method, maybe FAI is what you are looking for.
But if you are searching for an easy way to install and configure a Linux client: LeIco is the right choice for you.

You can use LeIco do create a cluster or manage totally different clients (Hardware and Software).
LeIco's first aim is to be simple for the system operator.
Is doesn't matter which hardware you want to use. The only requirement for LeIco is the ability to boot via PXE, what is normal for computer nowadays. (The desired operating system may require more.)

"I designed it for a company with about 50 clients and I am using it at home to get my two computer configured"

Case study:
A hard disk of a client brakes.
Without LeIco:
I have to...
- replace the broken hard disk
- mount a CDROM drive (normally not mounted because they don't like dust and smoke)
- install base system
- add some sources
- find out which software was installed and install it
- reconfigure all settings I have ever made
With LeIco:
I have to...
- replace the broken hard disk
- tell LeIco to boot over LAN