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How does it work?

LeIco configures the modules that are needed for a client installation over a PHP based web interface.
The Client gets that information step by step for a totally noninteractive installation procedure:
DHCPLet the client get all required network information for installation and appliance.
TFTPDetermination of boottype: local booting or installation over network.
KickstartConfiguration of basic installation:
partition sizes, language support, installation source, timezone,
mouse + keyboard, root-user configuration, bootloader configuration, ...
Basic Installation *** automatic ***
Post installation Configurationduring normal local boot sequence the /etc/rc.config executes a script that executes
other scripts on the client with root rights in a given order. Like this it is possible to
install additional software or configure the client on every boot sequence.
Some variables are set to a client specific value during allocation, like hostaname or IP.
(e.g. write "apt-get -y install openssh-server" on LeIco server and execute it on all
clients to install SSH support on a huge amount of clients with a few clicks)
User management*- changing passwords on the LAN
- write configuration files in one, all or a group of users home directories
- ...
* not implented yet.