*What are the steps on a Client for an installation?
Step 1: Activate PXE boot in BIOS (That's it!)
*What are the steps on the LeIco Server for a new installation?
Step 2:(after step 1) get the MAC address of the client in
"Addresses => NEW" and note a name and IP
Step 3: select desired scripts in "Allocation"
Step 4: goto "Bootcontrol" and change boottype
Step 5: boot the Client
*What are the steps on the LeIco Server for a reinstallation?
Step A: goto "Bootcontrol" and change boottype
Step B: boot the Client
*Download installation howto here.
* What LeIco can do. What it is for?
* How does it work?
* For questions and help please visit LeiCo Forum.
* Other automated installation tools
* General Design (under construction)

Testinstallation of a Ubuntu sytsem incl. xubuntu-desktop, exchange of abiword/gnumeric to
on a GenuineTMx86 : Transmeta(tm) Crusoe(tm) Processor TM5800 996 MHz 232MB RAM (!SLOW!) in ~ 54 minutes

Installation of a Ubuntu base sytsem incl. some additional server tools like openssh
on a AuthenticAMD : AMD Athlon(tm) processor 1201 MHz 257MB RAM in ~ 17 minutes

Tested installation systems:
* Ubuntu 7.04
* Ubuntu 7.10

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